GOP Rep. Kinzinger on Trump Impeachment: ‘No Way I Could Vote No’ After He Didn’t Accept Responsibility

During a Wednesday appearance on CBS’s “This Morning,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said there was “no way” he could not vote in favor of President Donald Trump’s impeachment after the president refused to take responsibility for the riot at the U.S. Capitol by a group of his supporters.

With little time remaining in Trump’s presidency, Kinzinger initially said he did not support impeachment, but he said that now that impeachment for Trump inciting a riot is right in front of him, he supports it.

CBS’s Anthony Mason asked, “Just a few days ago, you said in an interview that you didn’t think impeachment was the smart move in your words because it victimizes Donald Trump again. What’s changed in your thinking?”

“Well, nothing’s changed,” Kinzinger replied. “It’s just going to be in front of us now. And I think when it was a tactical question, it was look, we have 12 days left, is it worth it? But here it is, and I think looking at the impeachment article and knowing that the president incited an insurrection and now, you know, steps out and claims he bears no responsibility, I think in my mind at least, in my conscience and what I believe my job is, there’s no way I could vote no on this.”

Kinzinger would not say how many House Republicans would join the five who have already said publicly they will vote to impeach Trump, but he did say it would be more.

“Look, this is a moment where … the Republican base — they feel left behind, they feel disaffected. And right now, they still believe that Donald Trump is actually working on their behalf,” he stated. “In reality, I think he’s been working against them now, especially since the election. So, these are tough votes. But I think there will be more than the five you’ve seen so far.”

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