CNN’s Stelter Says Don Jr. Likening Him to Potato Head Is ‘Just More B.S. Fuel for the Culture War’

CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter on Sunday delivered a monologue sounding off on Disney adding an “offensive content” warning to old episodes of “The Muppet Show,” Mr. Potato Head being rebranded just as Potato Head and the social media rhetoric of President Joe Biden Office of Management and Budget nominee Neera Tanden.

Stelter outlined how topics on social media have become “distractions and drivel” when there are topics of “importance” such as the COVID relief bill to discuss.

“There is something wrong when so-called ‘cancel culture’ gets more attention than the struggles that millions of Americans are facing and the importance of a COVID relief deal,” he stated.

Stelter also pointed out how Donald Trump, Jr. compared him to a genderless Potato Head while speaking recently at CPAC. He shared he “thought of some really cutting responses” but realized it “was just more B.S. fuel for the culture war.”

“[I] thought of some really cutting responses, some really clever ways to respond, some way to go viral, but then I stopped,” Stelter said. “I didn’t post anything. It was just another distraction. He wanted me to respond. This was just more B.S. fuel for the culture war, and it does not matter. The best thing we can do for each other in this world of tweetstorms is to refuse to be confused by that noise. It’s to refuse to be distracted. There is too much real news going on. There’s no time for Potato Heads.”

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