Dem Rep. Gonzalez on FL Outperforming States with Strict Restrictions: Seems Like ‘Luck’ ‘of a Coin Toss’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) responded to Florida having better coronavirus numbers than states that had much stricter restrictions by stating that “it seems to be the luck…of a coin toss, and we can’t leave our health to that luck.”

Host Neil Cavuto stated, “I did want to get your thoughts on states like your own, that have looked at this, Mississippi as well, and the success that Florida’s been having, where it’s maintained a much more aggressively open policy than other states and doesn’t have the infection rates and problems that states that took much more severe lockdowns into effect, and that they’re using that as sort of the barometer here, if it worked in Florida, it can work for us.”

Gonzalez responded, “Yeah. Well, it seems to be the luck of a toss — of a coin toss, and we can’t leave our health to that luck. Clearly, masks work. They’ve been proven to work around the world, and it shouldn’t be a political issue, it shouldn’t be a partisan issue, it should be a health measure. And we all want our economy to open up in a robust fashion, but we can’t do it at the cost of public health, and that’s all I’m saying.”

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