Lindsey Graham: Border Situation a ‘Humanitarian Crisis,’ Will Become ‘Economic Crisis,’ ‘National Security Crisis’

During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity” on Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned the turmoil at the U.S.-Mexico border will soon grow into a bigger problem if the Biden administration does not handle the situation.

Graham said what was now a humanitarian crisis would grow into economic and national security crises.

“Number one, it’s going to suppress wages,” he said. “When illegal immigrants come to the country, they work for cash under the table. They don’t pay taxes. They’re often exploited. It’s a terrible deal. Why are so many people coming? She said that the Trump policies were ineffective. So, let me ask her this. She’s not going to answer. Do you consider your policies effective? How do you account for the surge in illegal crossing on your watch?”

“Let me tell you what’s happened,” Graham continued. “Word is out that the Trump policies are being replaced by the Biden administration that if you get one foot in America, you are never going to leave and people are coming by the thousands, they’ll be coming by the hundreds of thousands by the summer. It’s a humanitarian crisis. It’s going to be an economic crisis for our cities along the border, and eventually, it’s going to be a national security crisis because they’re children today, but they could easily be terrorists tomorrow.”

“This is the 20th anniversary of 9/11,” he added. “Al Qaeda and ISIS would love nothing more than to hit us again on the 20th anniversary to show that they’re still alive and well. And this border insecurity is a great way for terrorists to come into our country just to blend in with this group.”

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