FNC’s Jarrett: ‘More than Enough Evidence to Convict’ Derek Chauvin in George Floyd Trial

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” network legal analyst Gregg Jarrett reacted to the Derek Chauvin trial, which began earlier that day.

According to Jarrett, “there is more than enough evidence to convict” Chauvin for the death of George Floyd. He pointed to the “compelling evidence of guilt” from the video recording of the scene.

“[J]urors, Sean, became eyewitnesses to the horrifying death of George Floyd,” Jarrett said of the trial’s opening arguments. “The digital recording transported them effectively back in time, placing them at the scene observing events minute by agonizing minute, and the seconds seemed to tick away like it was a slow-motion death spiral. Sean, this is compelling evidence of guilt. The jurors heard Floyd’s frightened pleas — ‘I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Help me, please.’ They heard bystanders say you’re killing them. And then the jury saw Floyd’s both go limp as he lapsed into unconsciousness, lifeless, and by any measure, it was heart-wrenching and grotesque. And any compassionate person, Sean, would be incensed and angry at Derek Chauvin’s actions, which is precisely why prosecutors made the digital recording their star witness. All other evidence or testimony in this trial will pale in comparison. There were so many opportunities for Chauvin to stop, yet he refused. And when it was obvious that Floyd was not breathing, Chauvin could have rendered aid; he didn’t do it. It wasn’t just indifference to human life. It was malice.”

He continued, “[T]he question is not whether Chauvin intended to kill Floyd, only that his actions toward Floyd were intentional. Second of all, prosecutors don’t have to prove that Chauvin’s conduct was the sole cause of death, only that it was a substantial factor. The defense is claiming a drug overdose killed Floyd, but the law, the autopsy, the recording itself, especially the videotape, will overcome all of that. The defense is claiming that the client did not use excessive force. That seems utterly preposterous when you watch the tape. There is more than enough evidence to convict because, Sean, seeing is believing.”

Host Sean Hannity asked Jarrett where he sees the trial going.

“It goes toward conviction,” Jarrett replied.

“Look, Sean, it’s very clear — you may never use lethal force to meet nonlethal threat,” he added. “And that’s precisely what Derek Chauvin and officers in Minnesota, Minneapolis, are taught. So, there will be an expert who will make it abundantly clear. And in fact, it’s the chief of police that this is excessive force. It was not proportional. And it was completely unreasonable, resulting in death.”

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