Derek Chauvin

Report: Co-Workers Say Chauvin ‘Bumped Heads’ with Floyd, Was ‘Afraid’ of Black People [Update Added]

During a report aired on Tuesday’s “Justice for All” special on CBS, one individual who worked with both George Floyd and former police officer Derek Chauvin at a nightclub said that the two did not get along and that Chauvin knew Floyd “pretty well.” And the owner of the club stated that Chauvin was “afraid and intimidated” by black people.

Derek Chauvin and George Floyd

Ice Cube Spreads Fake Photo of Cop Blamed for Floyd George’s Death, Twitter Does Nothing

Hollywood actor and rapper Ice Cube shared with his 4.9 million Twitter followers a photo that falsely links former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and felon and Twitter troll Jonathan Riches wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat. Ice Cube’s tweet with the image has been retweeted more than 24,000 times, despite the fact that it’s in violation of the same misinformation guidelines that the company is currently using to punish conservatives on the platform. 

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