George Floyd Family Atty Crump: ‘Confident in My Heart That There Will Be a Conviction of Derek Chauvin’

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Benjamin Crump, George Floyd’s family lawyer, predicted Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin would be convicted for Floyd’s death while under arrest.

Crump said he is “confident” Chauvin will be convicted but cautioned that “the American legal system has broken my heart before.”

CNN’s Erica Hill asked, “What are you expecting from the defense?”

“Well, I think we’ve seen much of it,” Crump replied. “They are going to do everything possible, Erica, here to distract us. They say, ‘Look over here at this angry crowd,’ trying to suggest, ‘Look at these angry black people. That’s the reason why Derek Chauvin kept his knee on his neck.’ And then they are saying, ‘Oh, it’s the paramedics’ fault. They’re blaming everybody else. They’re saying, ‘Oh, the trace amount of drugs, his health condition.’ And that’s why we’re so grateful that Dr. Tobin was so effective in presenting his testimony that it completely destroyed the defense’s theory that George Floyd died as a result of trace amounts of drugs or health condition because he said unequivocally that a healthy person enduring what George Floyd had to endure would have died as well.”

He added, “And so I expect, and I am confident in my heart, that there will be a conviction of Derek Chauvin being criminally liable for killing George Floyd, but the American legal system has broken my heart before.”

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