Axelrod: Biden ‘Didn’t Offer a Solution’ for His ‘Biggest Problem’ at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod argued Wednesday on CNN that President Joe Biden didn’t offer a solution” to the immigration crisis during his address to a joint session of Congress.

Anchor Anderson Cooper said, “President Biden didn’t talk about — and a number of Republicans and even Mark Kelly a Democrat has been criticizing him tonight, for not talking about the issue on the border and the crisis with so many people coming across the past few months.”

Axelrod said, “This obviously has been the biggest problem that has cropped up in his first 100 days, that continues to be a festering sore for him. I think he hopes the discussion of immigration reform would signify — he did talk about assigning the vice president to try to resolve some of the issues that are leading to the crisis. He didn’t completely — he didn’t offer a solution, particularly tonight. But you know, again, just getting back to his speech. I really, you know, in some way, I regret that he had to touch all those bases. If it had just been about economic issues he’s pushing, it would have been more powerful, not that those issues, the other issues are vitally important to people, but the essence of his speech was economic speech. It was State of the Union speech attached to an economic speech.”

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