Liz Cheney to Bret Baier: ‘Fox News Has a Particular Obligation to Say that the Election Wasn’t Stolen’

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) clashed with Fox News anchor Bret Baier Thursday on “Special Report” in a heated interview about the network’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election results.

Cheney said, “We all have an obligation, and I would say Fox News especially, especially Fox News has a particular obligation to make sure people know the election wasn’t stolen.”

Baier said, “We have said that numerous times.”

Cheney said, “Bret, I’m going to answer your question. Fox News needs to make sure —”

Baier said, “If you are mentioning Fox News, this show has said that numerous times.”

Cheney shot back, “Bret, you are doing the interview. I’m answering the question.”

Baier said, “Congresswoman.”

Cheney continued, “We need to make sure that the American people recognize and understand that the election wasn’t stolen, that we shouldn’t perpetuate the big lie, and that there is real danger. I have worked in countries around the world where we don’t have peaceful transition of power. All of us who are elected officials have got to make sure that we obey and abide by the oath that we swore to the Constitution.”

Baier said, “I understand.”

Cheney added, “And peaceful transition of power is key to that. Now, if you are asking me about my constituents. My constituents believe firmly in the rule of law. They believe firmly in the Constitution. They know that we do not swear allegiance to any individual and that it’s crucially important if we —”

Baier interrupted, “You have — you made that point.”

Cheney said, “I’m going to make another point. Crucially important, if you want to defeat the really bad Biden policies, we have a tract voters back to us. we have to attract the voters who left us by making clear we know the election wasn’t stolen, and we are going to abide by the rule of law.”

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