Mast Rips Biden, Harris for Memorial Day Tweets — They See Us as ‘Pawns’

Sunday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends” ahead of Memorial Day, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) shared his criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris for her Memorial Day weekend tweet telling Americans to “Enjoy the weekend,” accompanied with a photo of herself, and President Joe Biden’s Memorial Day weekend tweet urging Americans to “stay cool.”

Mast, a retired Army Ranger, said the tweets from the nation’s leaders are a “far cry” from the speeches seen from the likes of President Ronald Reagan and others. He lamented that the White House sees members of the military as “pawns.”

“I would say their thoughts are a far cry from the patriotism I’ve seen out of others,” Mast outlined.

“I’m giving you my opinion at this point, and it’s because I think they see a lot of the culture just as pawns,” he added. “And that’s a really painful thing to say. I think this White House sees many of those in service, and they’d rather see an army of the woke than an army of the imperfect badasses that we served alongside. And I would take one of them over an army of the woke. And I think there’s a resentment in that, truly. That’s how I feel about the situation.”

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