Collins: ‘Really Important’ There Is ‘In-Depth Investigation’ of Trump Era DOJ

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that it was “really important” there is an “in-depth investigation” into the Department of Justice’s action under former President Donald Trump.

Collins’ declaration comes as Apple reportedly supplied the phone data for several Democratic lawmakers, their aides and some family members.

Anchor John Dickerson said, “Let me move on to the question of a New York Times report this week that said that during the Trump administration, the Department of Justice subpoenaed some information from Apple that uncovered the accounts of two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. You’re on the Senate Intelligence Committee. What does that report- what’s your reaction to that report?

Collins said, “There are two serious allegations here. One has to do with whether or not there was a leak of classified information by members of Congress. But the second, which is also important, is, has the Justice Department abused its power by going after members of Congress or the press for partisan, political- political purposes? And that’s why I support the deputy attorney general’s request that the inspector general of the Department of Justice do an in-depth investigation of both of these issues. That is really important.”

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