Dem Sen. Blumenthal: Filibuster, Which Dems Have Used ‘a Number of Times,’ Is ‘Abhorrent’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) stated that the filibuster is an “arcane and abhorrent rule that the founders would have absolutely rejected.” And admitted that Democrats have used it numerous times.

After Blumenthal said he thinks the filibuster should be abolished, host Jake Tapper asked, “Senator, haven’t you voted in favor of filibustering Republican legislation, not allowing them to even proceed to a discussion, an amendment process and debate on a bill?”

Blumenthal responded, “We have used the 60-vote threshold a number of times, for example –.”

Tapper then cut in to state, “But you’re talking about it being corrupt, but you’ve used it, too.”

Blumenthal answered, “The dark money is corrupt. The current finance system and its corruption is what we want to end. The filibuster’s a rule that stymies majority vote. And I actually voted, I think it was my third or fourth vote in the Senate, ten years ago when I first came here, to abolish the filibuster. I was one of only 12. And in the ten years since I’ve seen my colleagues one by one decide that Republicans’ overuse, abuse, and misuse of the filibuster rule, that 60-vote threshold, has led them to conclude enough is enough, and that’s why there are just a handful of Democrats left who are in favor of preserving this arcane and abhorrent rule that the founders would have absolutely rejected.”

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