Kennedy: ‘The Communist Party of China Lies — They Can Lie Like They Breathe’

Tuesday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. John Kennedy dismissed the notion that China had made strides in fulfilling Mao Zedong’s 100-year plan throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Louisiana Republican lawmaker told host Will Cain that although China may boast about its successes during the pandemic, the leadership in China has a tendency to lie.

“There’s been some talk for quite some time about China’s 100-year plan,” Cain said. “There’s no hiding it. They want to replace the United States as the world’s superpower. Did we just see them take major strides, major gains in that direction?”

“In my opinion, Will, no,” Kennedy replied. “Sometimes, falling feels like flying for a little while. And China may believe and even boast that it’s a net winner as a result of the coronavirus, but I think it’s a loser. I think it’s certainly a loser in the worldwide court of public opinion. The Chinese people are good people, but the Communist Party of China lies. They can lie like they breathe. They lied about the virus. We’re now gathering evidence that the virus not only originated in China, but it might have originated from the Wuhan lab. Number two, I know China says it’s doing well economically, but, once again, the Communist Party leadership lies like it breathes — lies like it breathes. We have never been able to trust their numbers.

And, number three, China was very proud of its COVID vaccine. The fact is, it’s a very inferior vaccine. China has distributed the vaccine to about 90 countries. Sometimes, China extracted concessions from those countries. For example, I’ll give you our vaccine if you support our position on Taiwan. But there was an interesting article that came out today. A lot of the countries that have used the Chinese vaccine are having major outbreaks of the coronavirus.

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