Joy Behar: FNC’s Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson Are ‘Unpatriotic Traitors’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar called Fox News primetime hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham “unpatriotic traitors.”

While discussing Tuesday’s House Select Committee hearing on January 6, Behar said, “I wasn’t surprised by the reports that they gave about racism. A lot of this insurrection was based on white supremacy and racism. So it’s not shocking that one of these deplorables would use that racial epithet. You know, I was thinking, first of all, forget about the Republican Party ever being called the law and order party. That’s done. But McCarthy made a mistake, didn’t he? He made a mistake. He was offered to have a bipartisan committee so that he could put the liars there, Jim Jordan and the rest of these guys, Hawley and Meadows and all these other liars. He could put them there, and he said no. Not that she was going to allow it because if he picked those people, which he eventually did, Pelosi got rid of them.”

She continued, “So it must be driving Trump, the hitman, out of his mind watching this. I was taking some solace in that fact yesterday that he’s home saying, where’s my Jim Jordan? Where’s my Roy Cohn? He was always yelling that. Where’s my side? You know what, darling? Now all Americans are going to see is the truth.”

Discussing Fox News coverage of the hearing, Behar said, “So Laura Ingraham, and Tucker and all those other unpatriotic traitors over at Fox don’t have any of those clips to show. All they can show is the truth, and that’s why they’re mocking the police. They have nothing.”

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