DeSantis: ‘If the CDC Had Its Way, I Think They Probably Would Have Kids in Masks Indefinitely’

Saturday on FNC’s “Unfiltered,” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) warned public health officials would take mandates regarding COVID-19 much further if they had their way.

The Florida Republican governor told FNC host Dan Bongino they would likely employ the mandate to be indefinite.

“I think one of the dangers of having mandatory masks at this point, given the statistics you cite — I think a lot of those bureaucratic authorities say, ‘Hey, we mask for COVID — flu is more dangerous for kids than COVID. Maybe they need to mask the kids every flu season,'” he said. “And then it just never ends. And I think if the CDC had its way, I think they probably would have kids in masks indefinitely. And you’re right, Dan — this is not a partisan issue.”

“Parents have to deal with this in real-time, just like last summer there was such a hysteria because Florida was going to go to school in person five days a week,” DeSantis continued. “And the media was raising a ruckus and some of these other people. But I tell you, parents, across the board — they wanted the ability to send their kids to school. And I think it is the same thing this year with the masks — they want to be able to send their kid, they want their kid to be normal, and the schools are really the perfect place to do it because they’re one of the lowest risk environments we have for COVID, and the data on that is very clear.”

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