ABC’s Hostin: Criticism of Kamala Harris Is ‘All About Race and Gender’

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris “is all about race and gender.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said,  “Several polls seem to have found that Vice President Kamala Harris has the lowest approval of any vice president since the ’70s. You know how much stuff I believe in polls, but what do you think this is coming from, Joy?”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Well, let’s see. What is different about her that we haven’t seen before? What could it be? Oh, that’s right, she’s a woman, and she’s black. I almost forgot. You know, let’s tell the truth here. I mean, it seems like there’s this bombardment of criticism on her end.”

Hostin said, “Well, it’s not surprising because it is all about race and gender, right? As Joy mentioned. What’s different about this one? What is different about this particular vice president? Listen. She’s become, I think, the GOP foil on the campaign trail. There’s a lot of faux outrage out there on the Republican side about what’s going on at the border. They’re claiming there’s a crisis at the border, that she never visited the border.”

“She was the attorney general of California,” she continued. “There are pictures all over the place of Kamala Harris, of the vice president at the border. So that’s sort of much ado about nothing, but her involvement in these you hot button issues has made her an easy target for Republicans, and they’re trying to aggressively paint the country as being in a state of crisis, and they’re just using her and piling on, and that’s what the poll numbers are about.”

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