Burgess Owens: Cori Bush Defund the Police Push Will Continue the ‘Misery’ in Urban Communities

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) slammed Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) for doubling down on her push to defund the police.

Owens noted that the lawmakers who want to defund the police had created communities of “misery” where there is only “faith in government.”

“First of all, let’s not be surprised, and of course it makes no sense, but … this is the heart of the hard left,” Owens said of the defund the push rhetoric. “It’s amazing how little — I guess the best way to put it is narcissism.”

“[They] have no room at all for us to understand what we’re all going through. When you look at her district, there is no traditional family. There’s no business — the only faith that’s there is faith in government, not God,” he continued. “This is the American culture, the American strain of Marxism. And so, do not expect anything but what we see. Their creation is misery. Look at the urban communities that they represent. They have never changed a thing for people for decades. Don’t expect anything different other than trying now to change the image of our great country into the image of what they have put into these urban communities. So, it doesn’t make any sense, and we are going to fight against it, obviously.”

Owens went on to argue the reason behind the Democrats’ open border policy is to bring in more people who will rely on the government because minorities have realized they can leave the “plantation” and enjoy freedom and opportunity in America.

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