CNN’s Mudd: ‘Pathetic’ State Department Can’t Confirm How Many Americans Remain in Kabul

CNN’s counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd said Thursday on “Newsroom” that State Department spokesperson Ned Price was “pathetic” for being unable to give the exact numbers of Americans and Visa holders who have been flown out of Afghanistan.

Anchor Alisyn Camerota said, “It worries me, but I don’t know if it worries you that Ned Price and no one can really give specific numbers. If they don’t know the specific demographics of who they’re flying out of there, exactly how many Americans, exactly how many special immigrant visa Afghans, how do they know how many are left behind? How do they know when the mission is complete?”

Mudd said, “Boy, you are a little more polite than I would be. That was unacceptable. I’m not interested in hearing a U.S. Government spokesperson talk about how unprecedented this is with other U.S. presidents and how other presidents didn’t have to deal with this. I’m interested in understanding why we did only 2,000 people in 24 hours, how we increase that pace over the next 24 hours, what the total number is that we want to get out, and how long that’s going to take. That was pathetic! Explaining how well you are doing when there are American citizens who can’t get to the airport? That guy needs some training fast. That was horrible.”

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