DeSantis: ‘Days of Corporate Media Being Able to Smear People with Impunity and Conservatives Do Nothing — Those Days Are Over’

During Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Hannity,” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) reacted to an Associated Press report that suggested one of his supporters was financially benefitting from his administration’s push for monoclonal antibody treatments.

DeSantis slammed the Associated Press and called them out for applying a double standard when it comes to public figures it favors.

He pledged to fight back against the media engaging in a “political hit.”

“Now, what the AP did by trying to create a false narrative is some people may believe the narrative and then think that this is not a viable treatment for them so that if they’re infected, they will not go seek a monoclonal antibody, and that will ultimately increase their risk of hospitalization,” he said.

DeSantis continued, “So, the AP knew what they were doing. They wanted to do a political hit on me, and the fallout from that is that there will likely be people who decline life-saving treatment, and then they had the temerity to act like they were the victim when they got called out on their hit piece.”

“Sean, the days of corporate media being able to smear people with impunity and conservatives do nothing, those days are over,” he added. I can tell you, in Florida, we’re fighting back with the truth, and we are going to hold you accountable when you’re peddling false partisan narratives.”

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