Fauci: Biden Moved to Mandates Because He Is ‘Understandably Frustrated’ by Unvaccinated

Chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that President Joe Biden moved to vaccine mandates because he is “clearly frustrated” when it comes to the numbers of unvaccinated Americans.

Cooper asked, “You’re obviously the president’s chief medical advisor. What caused him to decide to try to move what is clearly aggressively and change his thinking on vaccine mandates?”

Fauci said, “Well, Anderson, I think you can appreciate that by the tone of his voice and how he presented it at the press conference this evening, he is clearly frustrated and understandably so. We have done everything we possibly can do to get people to get vaccinated. We have trusted messengers. We made it easy. It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s free. The data overwhelmingly show that in those areas that are under-vaccinated, you’re having a high level of dynamics of virus. In those areas that are vaccinated, it’s much lower. The data are overwhelming to show why it is so important if we want to get this outbreak under control in this country to get vaccinated. And the president is understandably frustrated, and that’s the reason why he came out with his 6-point plan.”

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