Sharpton Calls on Biden Admin to ‘Immediately’ Stop Deportations — ‘It Has Been a Bad Few Days’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network host Al Sharpton urged the Biden administration to “immediately” halt deportations. The call comes in response to some Haitian migrants from a large group at the U.S.-Mexico border being deported back to their home country.

According to Sharpton, “it has been a bad few days” at the border. He said the deportations are “weakening” President Joe Biden’s base due to the lack of “compassion morally to stand up.”

“They must stop immediately the deportations and define what is the asylum policy,” Sharpton outlined. “How do you decide to give asylum to some, and when you get to nations like Haiti and people of color, there is a different or perceived different asylum? This needs to be spelled out. This investigation of what happened with the Border Patrol needs to really be expedited and brought forward. You cannot deal with this in a one time to another time situation. You must have a policy that is understood, that works for everybody.”

“And the politics of this … is you have the situation, if I am the president and I am looking at the last few days where you’ve had the crumbling now of the negotiations on the George Floyd Police Bill, you have the problems with voting rights bill, and now you’ve got Haiti where these pictures of Haitians being chased or trampled by horsemen, this is weakening your base politically if you don’t have the compassion morally to stand up,” he added. “So, it has been a bad few days, and some of us are going to stand up and consider getting heckled for standing up a badge of honor.”

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