MSNBC Guest Butler: Evangelicals Are Not Following Scripture, They Are Following Republicans

Author Anthea Butler said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that evangelicals did not follow Christian scripture. Instead, she said they followed the Republican Party.

On those promoting replacement theory, Reid said, “They are targeting white Evangelicals as the people they feel are vulnerable to this, and they think that is going to spur them to the polls out of this terror of replacement.”

Butler said, “When you look at the statistics of white evangelicals right now, they are least likely to welcome immigrants. It flies in the face of what their Christian doctrine is supposed to be. You welcome the stranger. You’re supposed to do that as a Christian, but they’re not listening to what scripture says. They’re listening to what the Republican Party says. It’s important for people to realize this is not just some simple little thing that Tucker is talking about in order to get votes ginned up for 2022. It’s a lot worse.”

She continued, “If you start to bring the dots together and look at people like Anders Breivik in Norway, and others, all these people around the world are talking about replacement theory. This was part of Marine Le Pen’s campaign.”

She added, “So what Tucker is doing is just repurposing this for the American public and for white evangelicals who are afraid that people will come across the border and either impregnate their daughters — because that is something they have always been afraid of —or come back and replace them to vote, which is just a flat out lie.”

Butler concluded, “I think we respond this way. First of all, you stop calling evangelicals when they say they’re all about morality. They’re not. Morality is a shield. Morality is a way for them to get power. What is good for them is not good for you. So Donald Trump and all the rest of these people can sleep with who they want to as many times as they want to and do things they’re not supposed to do according to their religious believes.”

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