McAuliffe: ‘Youngkin Is Unfit to Be Governor’ — He’s a Trump Wannabe

Virginia gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin is unfit to be governor.

Referencing a flag that was purportedly carried during the January 6 riot being at a political rally in support of Youngkin, McAuliffe said, “It is a critical election because we have someone who is a total Trump wannabe, literally his whole campaign has been about Donald Trump. He has been endorsed by Trump five times. He said he’s honored to receive his endorsement. And then last night here’s Trump saying, ‘He’s going to do whatever I want to.’ Well, we don’t that want divisive politics anymore. It’s just so disgraceful that they had this rally, literally do the pledge of allegiance to a flag up there, people fighting for democracy.”

He added, “I’m so proud that I’m the son of an Army Captain Jack McAuliffe. I’m a proud father of Marine Captain Jack McAuliffe. People have fought and died to protect the right to democracy, and these thugs go up here on January 6 and destroy — and people died, law enforcement died, and they use a flag that they want to destroy, the flag, the symbol of democracy, they were pledging allegiance to a flag that they wanted to use up there to destroy our democracy. Glenn Youngkin is unfit to be governor. It is disqualifying. He needs to come out today and say it was wrong to do a pledge of allegiance to that flag. I want him to come out and say January 6th insurrection was wrong.”

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