Dingell: We Didn’t Really Discuss Inflation with the White House During Spending Negotiations

During a Monday appearance on “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) said inflation was not really discussed with the White House during negotiations over the Democrats’ spending package.

Anchor Erica Hill asked Dingell how much inflation, which she noted had been a “major concern” and was “growing at a rate we haven’t seen in 30 years,” was discussed during the White House negotiations.

“Inflation a major concern — it’s growing at a rate we haven’t seen in 30 years. How much of a discussion was that in your meetings at the White House and even with your colleagues?” Hill asked.

According to Dingell, the topic was not discussed with the White House as much as it was with “other people.”

“So, actually probably wasn’t as much a discussion as I have had with many other people,” Dingell replied. “I think when we stabilize, we get the Build Back Better Bill passed, we get the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed, we’re creating these jobs. We’re going to create a lot of jobs, but it’s going to begin stabilizing. It’s already starting to stabilize as people are beginning to fill the jobs that a lot of corporations and small businesses were having a hard time doing for a while.”

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