GOP Sen. Braun: Dems Appropriating Money to Tear Down Trump’s Border Wall

Tuesday, Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) sounded the alarm on the Democrats’ massive spending packing, which he said included funding to tear down former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Braun told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that the ongoing border crisis was a “man-made crisis by a one-man wrecking ball named Joe Biden.” He argued that tearing down the wall would be a “disaster.”

“This is a man-made crisis by a one-man wrecking ball named Joe Biden because he did it. It was Trump, [s]o we’re not going to keep those policies in place,” Braun emphasized. “We were down at the border in March and saw all of the atrocities, including the smugglers heckling at us, and that was at about 75,000 illegal crossings. It’s now about triple that — fentanyl, all the other stuff that comes in, and this is what most people don’t realize. It’s not only Central Americans — 54 other nationalities were crossing back earlier in the year, and the smugglers are getting money off of everybody that does it. It’s a disaster.”

“And in this spending bill — listen to this — there’s not only no money there for the wall or for the security that the Border Patrol wants, but they want to appropriate money to start tearing the wall down. I mean, it’s craziness,” he concluded.

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