Jim Jordan: They’re Putting a ‘Terrorist Tag’ on Moms and Dads, for Goodness’ Sake

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) weighed in on the heavy-handed approach taken by the Biden Department of Justice regarding school parents and its effort to make them out to be a threat to public safety.

According to the Ohio Republican lawmaker, the effort was one to “chill” free speech and intimidate parents.

“They’re trying to chill First Amendment free speech,” Jordan explained. “This is all about intimidating parents. But one thing I know, one thing you know, Laura, you’re not going to intimidate moms and dads. No high-paid lobbyists, no bureaucrat ever beats a mom on a mission. The moms are fired up. And here’s the great thing. Courage is contagious. We saw it in Virginia. One mom stands up. One dad stands up. Pretty soon, it’s a whole community. And they’re saying, not with my kids. That is what is so wrong about this.

“And you’re exactly right,” he continued. “The idea that this guy, Merrick Garland, was the smartest man on the planet had to be on the Supreme Court is such a crock. And the American people see, we saw him testify in front of our committee three weeks ago. He didn’t even know there was a press release that accompanied his memo on October 4, and that press release talked about getting the National Security Division, the counterterrorism division, involved in this effort. That is frightening. He didn’t even know it, or if he did know, it misled us. That’s even more wrong. So he better come back in front of our committee and be willing to answer some tough questions about this, and he should stop this process right now.”

Jordan reminded viewers the so-called “terrorist tag” was being applied in this situation.

“It’s a terrorist tag, that’s right,” Jordan added. “It’s a terrorist tag. It’s called a threat tag, but it, in point of fact, is a domestic terrorist tag what they’re putting on moms and dads, for goodness’ sake.”

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