MSNBC’s Reid: GOP Return to Power Will Be ‘One Giant Revenge Fantasy’

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said Thursday on her show “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party operates under a “revenge fantasy,” which is why in the 1990s, they impeached former President Bill Clinton as “payback” for former President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

During the Watergate scandal, Nixon was asked to resign by Republican elected officials, including Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater.

Reid said, “House minority leader Kevin McCarthy…he made it clear that if his party is back in power, he will put Gosar and Marjorie ‘Q’ Greene, back on their committees, maybe even better ones. McCarthy is just stating what we already know, that if this party comes back, it’s going to be one giant revenge fantasy.”

She continued, “So while the responsible party, the only party left that cares about democracy at this point, the yes sometimes irritating party that keeps the lights on and makes sure you go to the doctor, that part of the Democrats, well, they spent today working to clear the messy final hurdles to pass the billion-dollar bill which will get Americans daycare and home health care and cheap prescription drugs and help save the planet. A vote on that is expected later tonight. While they are doing that, like regular politics, your drunk, mostly absentee, Nazi-curious, authoritarian Republican parent is doing this circus. Waiting around for you to put their ridiculous, embarrassing, democracy-hating, Trump-cult authoritarianism, open racism-embracing, dangerous behinds back in power.”

Reid added, “I could see them just trying to expel any members of Congress they don’t like. They’ll go after Ilhan Omar. They’ll go after the Squad. They’ll spend all their time doing fake investigations trying to impeach Joe Biden for God knows what, for having a son they don’t like. This is what they’re going to do, only tit-for-tat. I am still convinced they impeaching Bill Clinton. They were hunting for a way to impeach him as payback for Nixon. It’s the payback party. There is not going to be legislation other than banning the 1619 Project nationally and making it illegal to say anybody white ever in history was mean. I guess that will be their agenda.”

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