Cardin: Stopping Nord Stream 2 ‘Clearly to Our Advantage’ and ‘Hurts Russia,’ Germany Would Support Blocking it if Russia Invades Ukraine

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) stated that it’s “clearly to our advantage” and detrimental to Russia to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from going online and that he believes if Russia were to invade Ukraine, Germany would support denying the use of the pipeline.

Cardin said, “I think the Nord Stream pipeline, Nord Stream 2 is clearly to our advantage to stop that from happening and it certainly hurts Russia, and that needs to be on the table, no question about it.”

Host Chuck Todd then asked, “Right, but are the Europeans — you’re saying the reason we’re essentially — the Biden administration’s equivocating here, is it just Germany or is it most of Europe that’s pushing back on this?”

Cardin answered, “It’s primarily Germany. And I think that if Russia were to incur — if Mr. Putin were to go into Ukraine, we would have Germany’s support in regards to a policy that would deny the use of Nord Stream 2.”

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