GOP Sen. Braun Slams Vaccine Mandate ‘Lunacy,’ Says Biden’s ‘Crazy Policies’ Have Got to End

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) sounded off on the Senate GOP’s effort to block President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for private companies.

Braun described the government overreach as “lunacy,” and he said the “crazy policies” have got to end.

“I mean, so many things say that this is kind of the extension of lunacy in government,” Braun told host Maria Bartiromo. “You have got to remember — the Democrats have viewed the whole navigation through COVID. I said from the beginning take it seriously, but they want us to marinate in fear. They have no appreciation for the productive side of the economy that they then expect to pay all the bills. And you get a guy like de Blasio that calls it a preemptive strike, on his way out the door, I wish he’d talked to the businesses ravaged by his policies in New York — I mean, New York City. It’s crazy how much that size of decision-making and that hubris of government is taking over the dynamic. It’s coming in today, and even places like rock and roll, you got Van Morrison, Eric Clapton that wrote a song. This has got to end. We cannot keep marinating in fear. The dynamic needs to come back to the people on Main Street, not big government, not big business that are trying to control the dynamic.”

“It’s got to end,” he added. “And we can’t keep paying the bills that go along with all these crazy policies.”

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