CNN’s Dr. Wen on Coronavirus: ‘Why Not Test Every American?’

CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen on Monday pushed for all Americans to get tested for the coronavirus before spending Christmas with their family members.

Wen said on “New Day” that to celebrate Christmas with family, people need to check off two out three boxes when it comes to being vaccinated, taking a rapid test the day of or masking.

“For people who are gathering indoors over the holidays, I would recommend at this point when there’s so much virus around us that you have two out of the three things: vaccination, testing or masking,” Wen advised. “So, if you are fully vaccinated and ideally boosted, and you want to see other people indoors without a mask, meaning maybe you want to have dinner with them, ideally, everybody also gets tested that same day with a rapid test.”

“The closer your test is to when you’re gathering with people, the better,” she added.

Wen also called on the Biden administration to “test every American.”

“I think this is something the Biden administration really needs to work on,” she continued. “They’ve done so well when it comes to vaccinations. That’s great. But they now need to put the same amount of effort to increasing access to testing. Why not test every American? Why not have to use the U.K. or Germany or so many other approaches from around the world where everybody is able to get tests. Testing should not be the limiting factor.”

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