Dem Rep. Himes on ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Questioning Election Results: This Is a ‘Deep Cancer on Our Democracy’

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) reacted to Jared Schmeck, the Oregon father who said the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” to President Joe Biden on the phone, saying the 2020 presidential election was “100% stolen.”

Himes said Schmeck’s questioning of the election results was “a deep, deep cancer on our democracy.” The Democrat from Connecticut added that he worries about future elections.

“I mean, this is a deep, deep sickness in our democracy,” Himes declared. “And I don’t know how you address it. You asked me whether the, you know, specifics of what happened in the Willard would matter. There is not a shred of evidence out there that this election was stolen. And, in fact, court after court after court and commission after commission after commission has said no, it’s not. And yet, you get guys like this. I mean, set aside the basic indecency, set aside what it says about our country that people talking to the President of the United States can’t put aside their petty grudges to behave with some respect. This is a cancer. This is a deep, deep cancer on our democracy, Jim. And I really worry about what that means for 2024 and beyond.”

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