Hogan: Next Four to Six Weeks ‘Going to Be the Worst Part’ of COVID Fight

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) predicted on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that the “next four to six weeks” were going to be the worst part of the COVID pandemic.

Hogan said, “Yes, so we’ve been talking about this problem for nearly a month and preparing for it, but you can’t really manufacture doctors and nurses that don’t exist, and frankly, these heroes on the front line that have been working so hard for two years, there’s fatigue. There are people who are working in hospitals that are coming down and being infected, so we’re taking all kinds of actions. We already put $100 million of emergency funding into our hospitals and nursing homes, we waived requirements for out-of-state doctors and health care workers, and sped up the graduation of our nursing students so they can get out early to help. We called out the Maryland National Guard and continuing to take actions nearly every day, nearly everything that anyone can think of to help us get through this.”

He added, “Look, we believe that the next four to six weeks are really going to be a terrible point in this crisis, and it’s potentially going to be the worst part of the whole two-year fight, and we’re going to take and continue to take every action we possibly can to help our hospitals, our nursing homes and to keep people safe, our focus is what it’s always been since last, since two years ago.”

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