GOP Rep. Gallagher: Russia Engaging in ‘Preparation’ for Invasion of Ukraine and Dems Gave Them a ‘Gift’ by Blocking Sanctions

On Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) said that he thinks the cyberattack in Ukraine “portends an invasion. I would call this preparation of the battlespace right now.” And argued that Democrats gave Russia “a gift” by blocking sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and the Biden administration’s belief that threatening sanctions after an invasion will provide deterrence is wrong.

Gallagher said, “I think it portends an invasion. I would call this preparation of the battlespace right now. And I also — we’ve heard reports out there that Jake Sullivan has said the intel. community has information which suggests Russia is laying the groundwork to fabricate a pretext for invading Ukraine.”

He added, “The Biden administration is clinging to this foolish approach that just the threat of sanctions after the fact is somehow going to deter Putin. And more to the point, yesterday, what did we see in the Senate? We saw Senate Democrats, the same ones who, for four years lectured Republicans as being soft on Russia, who tried to portray former President Donald Trump as a puppet of Russia, override Republicans’ attempt to impose sanctions for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. So, this is a gift to Russia.”

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