Cruz: Biden ‘Pitiful,’ ‘Is in so over His Head’ on Russia

Friday, during an appearance on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) insisted President Joe Biden’s approach on a possible Russian invasion into Ukraine was fraught with problems and made the United States appear weak.

Cruz described Biden as in “over his head,” adding that Biden demonstrated weakness on the international stage.

“Look, I got to say, it’s pitiful,” he said. “It almost makes you feel sorry for him. He is in so over his head. If you look at what Biden has done on Russia, it’s the same thing he’s done on China, it’s the same thing he’s done on Iran, it’s the same thing he’s done with the Taliban, which is he’s shown weakness. He surrendered to Vladimir Putin. Just last week, I forced a vote in the U.S. Senate to impose sanctions on Russia to stop the Russian pipeline from Russia to Germany, Nord Stream 2. That was sanctions legislation, bipartisan legislation I authored we passed into law, Donald Trump signed it into law. We shut that pipeline down.”

“When Joe Biden got elected, he waived those sanctions, gave a multi-trillion-dollar gift to Putin,” Cruz added. “And it is why there are Russian troops and Russian tanks on the border of Ukraine right now because Biden has been so weak, he has surrendered essentially to Putin. And that’s why he didn’t want to answer questions on it because you can’t defend what — when Biden stands up and essentially says, well, maybe a little invasion of Ukraine — I mean, you know, what’s a few tanks between friends? That’s really sad to see an American president demonstrate that much weakness.”

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