Psaki: ‘Pissed Off’ Voting Rights Advocates Should ‘Go to Kickboxing Class, Have a Margarita’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday on ABC’s “The View” that “pissed off” voting rights advocates should “go to kickboxing class, have a margarita” before resuming their fight.

Guest co-host Linsey Davis said, “Of course, as you know, all too well, earlier this week, the Senate once again failed to pass voting rights protections, with Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema joining all Republicans in rejecting changing the filibuster rules. The president has said that he was disappointed but not deterred. So where do you see a path forward at this point?”

Psaki said, “Well, the path forward is we have to keep fighting. Look, I think this week has been frustrating, devastating, angering, all of those things to everybody who’s been fighting for this. There are so many activists across the country who have been so central to getting to this point. I mean, just a year ago, there were more people who were opposed to filibuster changes in the Senate. So we’ve made some progress on that front. But we’ve got to stay at it.

She continued, “So my advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions go to kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do this weekend, and then wake up on Monday morning. We got to keep fighting. And what that means, Linsey, is we have to keep talking to members about federal legislation. That’s essential. That’s something that can be permanent, that can make sure people’s rights are protected.”

Psaki added, “But we also need to make sure people are educated and states across the country about what their rights are, how they can vote when they can vote, how to request an absentee ballot. There’s a lot we need to do on that front, and that’s going to rely on the energy and the anger of those that activism as well.”

Off-camera, Davis joked, “A margarita or two, by the way.”

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