National Security Advisor Sullivan: Russia Could Invade Ukraine ‘Any Day Now’

National security advisor Jake Sullivan said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that Russian military forces could invade Ukraine “any day now.”

Anchor Martha MacCallum said, “Sources are telling us that Russia is now quoted ‘70% ready to launch an invasion in Ukraine.’ Because they are now or will soon be upwards of 130,000 troops and significant new presence of jets, missiles, antiaircraft equipment in Russia and in Belarus, north of Ukraine. But the U.S. and Ukraine have sent mixed signals on whether or not they think an invasion will actually happen, so what can you tell us this morning? Is an invasion imminent?”

Sullivan said, “Well, what I can tell you Martha is that we are in the window, Any day now Russia could take military action against Ukraine or it could be a couple of weeks from now or Russia could choose to take the diplomatic path instead. The key thing is that the United States needs to be and is prepared for any of those contingencies in lockstep with our allies and partners.”

He added, “We have reinforced and reassured our allies on the eastern flank, we have united the west, we have provided material support to Ukraine, all of President Biden’s direction. We have also offered Russia a diplomatic path if they choose to take it. If war breaks out It will come at an enormous human cost to Ukraine, but we believe that based on our preparations and our response, it will come at a strategic cost to Russia as well.”

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