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WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Urged to Prepare for Clinton-Cosby Comparison

Democratic political advisor Ron Klain urged senior members of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to prepare to field questions concerning former president Bill Clinton’s conduct toward women, according to an internal campaign email released by WikiLeaks Thursday.

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State Department Admits It ‘Lost’ Clinton Foundation Email

The State Department has admitted it lost a 2012 email between Hillary Clinton aide Jake Sullivan and a Clinton Foundation employee, which may demonstrate a financial conflict of interest for the former secretary of state.


Hillary Email On China: ‘I Just Hope They Keep Buying Our Debt!’

TEL AVIV – “Say what??? I just hope they keep buying our debt!” That was Hillary Clinton’s email response to an article forwarded to her private blackberry address by a top aide quoting Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner accusing China of

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Politifact Lies: Cotton Right on Obama Promise to Dismantle Iran’s Nuclear Program

Politifact is at it again. The so-called fact-checking authority has given Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) a “false” rating for his claim that President Barack Obama promised to “dismantle Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for dismantling the sanctions” at the outset of negotiations. However, it is Politifact that has its facts wrong.


The Hillary Clinton Administration

We are just over a month into the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, and she has already reached Peak Hillary: corruption, obfuscation, and stonewalling.