Cotton: Biden ‘a Day Late and a Dollar Short’ in Ukraine Support

Tuesday, ahead of President Joe Biden’s announcement of a ban on the import of Russian oil, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) lamented the lack of urgency to push back against Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

Cotton, on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” called Biden’s decisions to support Ukraine “a day late and a dollar short.”

“The images we’ve seen out of Ukraine from the beginning are horrific atrocities, and they’ve only gotten worse every day that goes by,” Cotton outlined. “This is why it has been so important that we act more urgently. I welcome the announcement that it sounds like President Biden is about to make that we will ban the import of Russian oil. I wish we would have done that two weeks ago before we were spending on average $20 million a day to support Russia’s war machine. I hope the details of that ban are what we would like them to be, which is that it goes into effect immediately.”

“And I hope that the president is able to bring our European partners along with us,” he added. “They obviously export a lot more oil and gas from Russia, and they provide even that much more money. But the consistent theme we’ve seen from the president is that it has been a day late and a dollar short. I mean, it’s five days ago that Nancy Pelosi, of all people, called for banning this oil.”

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