Kid Rock: If You Watch a Trump Interview Against a Biden Interview, ‘There Is No Comparison’

Recording artist Kid Rock said Monday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that former President Donald Trump was much sharper than President Joe Biden.

After explaining Sarah Palin introduced him to Trump, Kid Rock said, “We ended up becoming buddies, spend a lot of time at a golf course now, really weird, I get phone calls from him, it’s kind of mind-blowing.”

Carlson said, “What is he like to play golf with?”

Kid Rock said, “Awesome.”

Carlson said, “Really, why?”

Kid Rock said, “He knows how to have fun, doesn’t take it too seriously. He is in Engaging. He is just cutting it up. He is open with politics.”

Carlson said, “So you’re still playing golf with him down in Florida. How does he seem?”

Kid Rock said, “He seems great. He seems great. After the election, he was, you know he was a little different there. But he’s still the same guy. He sits down and just cuts it up. You start cutting it up. How sharp he is, it’s incredible. You can see how you watch a Joe Biden interview and the Trump interview. You are just like there is no comparison. And yeah, Trump, he speaks off the cuff. Sometimes you get it wrong. But I’d way hear someone get it wrong once in a while. At some level, everything was scripted. I’ve stood next to him in the White House with the prepared notes and watch and read one sentence and like, let’s go. You are like. This is awesome.”

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