MSNBC’s Melber: New Generation of GOP ‘Organized Around Election Lies, Science Lies, QAnon Lies’

MSNBC host Ari Melber said Tuesday on his show “The Beat” that the next generation of Republicans was “organized around election lies, science lies, QAnon lies.”

Discussing Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Melber said, “A rookie member of Congress made a false allegation with no evidence against some of his fellow Republicans, and it’s not his first lie. It’s a congressman who lied about Trump losing the election and talked up an armed resistance with bloodshed. Then this Republican lied about, apparently, his own Republican leaders, accusing them of holding ‘cocaine orgies.’ He offered no evidence.”

He continued, “So how did this young Republican get this way? Political analysts note that while Cawthorn is wrong and should be held accountable, he’s also part of this new generation of QAnon Republicans raised on a steady diet of divisive, demeaning political crap. He was 15 years old when Trump espoused birtherism and 13 when Sarah Palin claimed Obama pals around with terrorists.”

He added, “His youth is striking because it may offer a preview of this party’s future, which is dangerous to these Republican leaders as they clearly realized, as well as to fact-based governing in general. There’s a new count out that finds dozens of Qanon candidates running for office in about half the country.”

Melber concluded, “They will never meet up with Q, the supposed deep state insider because Q is not real. It’s a conspiracy theory. It’s been debunked. That meeting is as probable as Cawthorn meeting up with the muppets or unicorns as if they were real. But muppets and unicorns are not real. It might even be funny if the consequences weren’t so serious. Much of the next generation of Republicans, both in age and in those running for office, are committed to these lies. It is a movement built on, as some say, cap or a falsehood. A party organized around election lies, science lies, QAnon lies.”

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