Jordan: ‘There Are 4.8 Million Reasons’ Why Biden Not Being Upfront About His Family’s Wealth

Wednesday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) discussed President Joe Biden and the Biden administration downplaying allegations his family profit off of his office.

Jordan referred to money the younger Biden allegedly received from foreign interests.

“Well, particularly that statement where he said, I don’t think you should get wealthy just because you’re in high office,” he continued. “Well, there are 4.8 million reasons why that statement’s not true, not accurate because that’s what his son got paid. And we now know based on these text messages and emails that it was a family enterprise.”

“That’s what Hunter Biden got paid from this Chinese energy company, CEFC, $4.8 million, hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every month coming to him and his uncle part of the family enterprise,” Jordan continued. “So that just doesn’t fly. These guys have – it’s been that way for a long time. It’s just now starting to come to the surface. And, look, the press now has to admit that what we all said 18 months ago was true. The laptop was real. The eyewitness was real. The emails were real. It was all real. Except for that fake line we got from 51 former Intel experts saying, it was Russian disinformation.”

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