Abrams Invites Biden, Harris to Campaign for Her in Georgia

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) Sunday on MSNBC’s “Symone” invited President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to join her on the campaign trail.

Host Symone Sanders said, “Can we expect to see the president and vice president join you on the trail closer to November?”

Abrams said, “We invite anyone who wants to see Georgia move forward to come here, and that means President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. But what we’re talking about are the needs of the state of Georgia.

She continued, “Just today, we announced that we intend to raced teacher pay. The base pay starts at $50,000 by 2026. This means that Georgia will finally be in the top ten of states in terms of pay. Right now, we are behind of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We are below Mississippi, who just raised their pay to $41,500. Georgia is only at $39,092, and that’s after a pay raise because Republicans have actually shorted Georgia teachers by thousands of dollars of the last 20 years. I intend to make certain that Georgia pays our teachers to keep them in the classroom. We know across this country that teachers are leaving in droves. That 55% of teachers are thinking of leaving classrooms. In Georgia, it is 31%. They need pay, and we need to deliver it.”

Sanders said, “So the president, vice president are welcome to come, but you are focused on Georgia, is when I’m hearing.”

Abrams said, “I am. I invite people to go to Stacey Abrams.com to know more of our plans for Georgia. Everyone is welcome to help make certain that we have one Georgia that can thrive.”

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