MSNBC’s Belcher: If Republicans Win 2022 ‘We’re Going to Lose Democracy’

MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that if Republicans win majorities in the 2022 midterms, we would “lose democracy.”

Belcher said, “Whether or not Trump endorses these Republicans or, you know, he’s backing them is moot because they all propagate the big lie. The big lie now is larger than Trump. It’s bigger than Trump. The big lie right now really is about fear. It’s about being replaced. It’s about the other. It’s about losing power, and so record, regardless of whether they are backing or being endorsed by Trump or not, across the board, you have these Republican candidates who are propagating the lie, and the lie is basically rooted in this fear of losing their country.”

He continued, “2022 is going to be the most consequential election of our time. As the reporting has shown, you’ve got hundreds of these people who are literally running on the idea this I’m going to overturn an election if it doesn’t go our way.”

He added, “We have a republic if we can keep it. I think in 2022, we’re going to answer Ben Franklin’s refrain whether or not we can keep this republic. If Republicans do win this election, I think to Dowd’s point in 2024. We’re going to lose democracy.”

Belcher concluded, “You know what African Americans, African American men who are showing the lowest motivation to turn out in this midterm, you think things are tough for you right now. Where do you think you’re going to stand in a country in America where there’s no democracy, where they have absolutely no interest at all in respecting your rights? We’ve got to let these people understand they’ve got skin in this game. We’ve got to scare the hell out of them because, quite frankly, they should be afraid that we’re going to lose our democracy.”

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