Mystal: You Only Have Rights in America if You Are a ‘Cis-Hetero White Man or an Uzi’

MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that only straight white men and Israeli submachine guns have rights in America after the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on guns and abortion.

Host Joy Reid said, “The Supreme Court’s decisions this week tell a very clear story about the right-wing majority’s priorities. Beyond just ripping away 50 years of protective rights, for half of Americans population, in fact, they have gone scorched earth, imposing their question theocratic agenda on all of us.”

She asked, “Can you talk about the bigger construct of what they’re doing in general, to fuse Christian church and state, because it all’s religions?”

Mystal said, “At a basic level, if you want rights in this country under this conservative Supreme Court, you’d better be a cis-hetero White man or an Uzi. Because those are the two things that this court believes, have rights.”

Reid interjected, “Or a corporation.”

Mystal added, “Or you can incorporate yourself as an Uzi, and perhaps then get some rights. Let’s start at the beginning, let’s start at conception, and let’s remember that the idea that a life begins at conception is a Christian fundamentalist idea.

He concluded, “We live in a pluralistic society with people of many religions. Many religious beliefs do not hold that life begins at conception. Many people who don’t have faith don’t hold that life begins at conception. And many secularists say, I don’t care what your version of Jesus thinks life begins.”

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