GOP Rep. Gimenez on EPA, Remain in Mexico Rulings: We Need to Pass Laws in Congress, Enshrine Remain in Mexico

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) reacted to the Supreme Court’s rulings on EPA authority and the Biden administration’s quest to Remain in Mexico policy by stating that Congress has given far too much power to the executive branch and unelected bureaucrats and “We need to enumerate exactly what we want on immigration” by making Remain in Mexico the law.

Gimenez stated, [relevant remarks begin around 2:40] “Congress has not done a good job in establishing exactly what it wants and it gives way too much power and delegates way too much to the bureaucrats, the unelected bureaucrats. We need to take control back in Congress, and I think that that’s what this ruling kind of indicates, that…this is a congressional issue, the Congress did not give you that power and you just can’t assume that Congress gave you that power.”

He continued, “And look, a great example will be what we have to do with the decision with Remain in Mexico, right? The Supreme Court said, yeah, it’s an executive decision, they can overturn an executive decision. We give way too much power to the executive branch. We need to enumerate exactly what we want on immigration.”

Gimenez added that he’ll introduce legislation to enshrine Remain in Mexico.

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