Texas Land Commissioner: Biden’s EPA Power Plant Regulations Will Defund Education, Crush Jobs

Since his first day in the Oval Office, Joe Biden has done everything in his power to implement fanciful leftist ideals that pander to his base – and ultimately hurt the people he took an oath to defend. Under the guise of fighting the “climate change crisis,” this administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a rule that seeks to eliminate nearly all the country’s natural gas and coal-fired power plant’s carbon emissions over the next two decades.

Work continues on a turbine generator during a scheduled refueling outage on Unit 2 at the

WH Climate Adviser McCarthy on Why EPA Can’t Get Statutory Authority from Congress: SCOTUS Said It Wants to Go ‘Backwards’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy responded to a question on why the EPA can’t just go to Congress and get them to pass a law granting them the statutory authority the Supreme Court ruled that it currently lacks by stating that the decision is “limited” but “sent a signal that the Supreme Court is interested, continually, in going backwards instead of forwards.”

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