Kennedy: Biden Is as ‘Popular as Cholera’

Wednesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) commented on the plummeting poll numbers of President Joe Biden.

The Louisiana Republican argued the public had lost confidence in Biden, and his lack of ability to lead was shown in his public presentations and with the people he has surrounded by.

“Well, Sean, President Biden clearly is struggling. He struggled today in the Middle East, and I take no joy in that,” he said. “I trust the American people, and I think the American people have figured things out. I don’t — I don’t consider myself an expert in too many things if any, but I know how to read a poll. And a majority of Americans — to them, the president is about as popular as cholera, and the American people didn’t just reach this conclusion this morning. They have reasons for believing that.

“Number one, a majority of Americans don’t believe that President Biden is in charge,” Kennedy continued. “They think the president is not the president. They think that the real president is whoever controls the teleprompter. Number two, fair or unfair, a majority of Americans think that President Biden is too old. They think he’s kind of like an old Buick. You know, some days, he starts, and other days, he doesn’t. Number three, a majority of Americans think that the people that President Biden has appointed to run his government are deeply weird, and they are. Many of these appointees, they curl up in a protective ball if you use the wrong pronoun. They pride themselves on not prosecuting criminals. Their executive skills extend no further than ordering a pizza.”

Kennedy argued Biden needed to “reverse direction” from his lackluster performance thus far.

“The final point I’d make is the American people are — they’re very disappointed in President Biden and his policies. A majority of Americans believe that he has mismanaged Congress,” he explained. “He’s mismanaged COVID. He’s mismanaged the border. He’s mismanaged immigration. He’s mismanaged crime. He’s mismanaged America’s energy independence. He’s mismanaged Afghanistan. He’s mismanaged the economy, and he’s mismanaged inflation.”

“Inflation is waterboarding the American people,” Kennedy added. “People are scared they’re not going to be able to retire until they’re 92. Their 401ks have crashed, and it doesn’t — it doesn’t give me joy to say this. But the American people figure it out sooner or later, and that’s why at the moment, the — how can I put this, the creepy banjo kid in deliverance is more popular than the president at the moment. And he better reverse direction soon. It’s hurting America, and it’s hurting him.”

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