ABC’s Hostin: Trump Committed an ‘Act of Domestic Terrorism’ — He Could Go to Jail 

ABC’s legal analyst Sunny Hostin declared Friday on “The View” that former President Donald Trump committed an act of “domestic terrorism,” which could put him in jail.

Hostin said, “What I thought yesterday while watching the hearings, my God, at least we are having these hearings because this will go down in American history in perpetuity. So, you know, people in the future, our children, our politicians will be able to read this. This is going to be part of the congressional record. It’s going to be part of history. And we know in this country there have been so many things that have happened, and we just don’t have them recorded. Like, let’s say the Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre, right? We have had to sort of try to figure out what really happened. Now we have this act of domestic terrorism by a sitting president. We have the record of it.”

She added, “My other big takeaway was that Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony where she actually tied President Trump to wanting to go to the Capitol, that shows intent. That shows that he was part of a seditious conspiracy.”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Of all the things you just laid out, the depraved indifference, and encouraging insurrection. Can any of those things can put him in jail? Please say yes.”

Hostin said, “I believe so.”

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