Mika Brzezinski: Republicans’ Core Values Are ‘Repugnant,’ They Stand for Rapists, Racists

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on Friday’s “Morning Joe” said Republican core values were “repugnant” because they stand for rapists and racists.

Brzezinski said, “Pull out to 20,000 feet, Jonathan Lemire. I say this without exaggeration. This is just the truth. Republicans’ core values they’re repugnant. They stand for rapists. They stand for racists, Viktor Orbán coming to CPAC, to name a few, insurrectionists and election deniers. Meanwhile, Democrats are working on passing the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Co-host Jonathan Lemire said, “As we’re talking about Trumpism and the big lie, how it has control over so much of the Republican Party, we know the candidates in Arizona we’ve been discussing, who have all suggested Trump’s defeat was irregular, that he actually won. Some voices in the party stood up to him, Liz Cheney, her father, and there were a handful of congressmen who voted to impeach him.”

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr. said, “What we know is that the problem is not simply Donald Trump. It goes all the way down. We see this idea that the fealty to a party opposed to country actually is a threat to democracy, as much as the ego and autocratic nature of these cynical politicians who are trying to exploit the hatred. It cuts deeper. We have to get beyond the melodramatic folks who are supposedly the evil actors and see something that’s actually much more dispersed, much more insidious in our politics. It seems to me.”

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