Scarborough: If You Believe Trump’s Lies ‘You’re Stupid’ and Need ‘Professional’ Help

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Monday called on conservatives to join him in not believing the “lies” coming from former President Donald Trump regarding the FBI’s raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home.

The former GOP congressman said anybody who still believed Trump’s lies was “stupid” and needed help from a “professional.”

“[I]f Donald Trump is innocent, and that’s what we presume him to be in America, if he is innocent, then very good. We move forward. And I think there will be some pretty harsh recriminations in the Justice Department, and at the FBI, for a raid on an ex-president’s home,” Scarborough outlined. “If he’s not innocent, if he’s proven to be guilty, well, no man is above the law. And so, you know, just call balls and strikes. That’s all we want of the Justice Department. And right now, despite all the lies, and I’ve got to say if you’re out there and you believe those lies … even after they had been disproven, you’re stupid, and you may want to call somebody — try to get in touch with a professional and see if you can be deprogrammed from the cult that you’re now in.”

“And I don’t say that with any malice,” he continued. “I just say if you believe the lies that you’ve been told over the past week and a half, lies that have quickly been disproven by Donald Trump’s next lie. You see, because lie number two undercuts lie number one. Lie number three undercuts number two. It just keeps going. And I’m just saying, as a friend, viewers, and I hope you consider yourself to be my friend, but you need to be deprogrammed from that cult you’re in, and you need to be able to start looking at facts again, clearly.”

“[Y]ou should be like me. Because … I’ll tell you what, I’m in a very peaceful place here. If the former president is innocent, good. I hope he is. I don’t want to see a former president dragged off to jail. If he’s guilty, well, let the law do its job. No man is above the law in America. We believe that. That is our stated belief. And sometimes, we come up short. Let’s hope in this case we don’t,” Scarborough added.

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